William King Elementary

Staff Directory

Communication between home and school is extremely important.
Calls and emails sent to staff members will be returned within two business days.


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Bouliane, Catherine Principal 902-479-4200 cbouliane@hrce.ca
Longaphy, Christopher Vice Principal 902-479-4200 longaphyc@hrce.ca
Champion, Sandi 50% Guidance Counsellor 902-479-4200 schampion@hrce.ca
Ritcey, Kimberlee Administrative Assistant 902-479-4200 kritcey@hrce.ca

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Allison, Gidgit 100% Resource Teacher 902-479-4200 allisong@hrce.ca
Belen, Heather Grade Primary/One 902-479-4200 Heather.Belen@hrce.ca
Bennett, Andrea Learning Centre Teacher - 100% 902-479-4200 abennett@hrce.ca
Boudreau, Christopher Grade Five Teacher 902-479-4200 Christopher.Boudreau@hrce.ca
Casey, Laura Grade Three/Four Teacher 902-479-4200 lcasey@hrce.ca
Dempsey, Taylor ECE Support - Pre Primary 902-479-4200 tdempsey@hrce.ca
Dorey, Angela Reading Recovery/Early Literacy Support 902-479-4200 adorey@hrce.ca
Fraser, Meaghan Grade One 902-479-4200 MJames@hrce.ca
Gibson, Deanna Gr. 1/2 Teacher 902-479-4200 Dgibson@hrce.ca
Ginn, Jill Grade Three Teacher 902-479-4200 JGinn@hrce.ca
Hart, Genevieve ECE Lead - Pre-Primary 902-479-4200 GDarrah@hrce.ca
Leduc, Celine 20% Core French 902-479-4200 cleduc@hrce.ca
Longaphy, Chris 50% VP and 50% Elementary Art 902-479-4200 LongaphyC@hrce.ca
MacEwen, Rebecca 10% Relief Support/10% Music 902-479-4200 RMacEwen@hrce.ca
MacKay, Traci Grade Two Teacher 902-479-4200 Traci.McKay@hrce.ca
McCarthy, Dave 4/5 classroom teacher 902-479-4200 Dave.McCarthy@hrce.ca
Reid, Allan 10% Phys. Ed. Teacher 902-479-4200 areid@hrce.ca
Ritcey, Vanessa Grade Primary 902-479-4200 VRitcey@hrce.ca
Saunders, Jacquie Grade Four Teacher 902-479-4200 jsaunders@hrce.ca
Scanlan, Terrance Librarian 902-479-4200 terrance.scanlan@hrce.ca
Selkirk, Dan Phys-Ed Teacher 902-479-4200 DSelkirk@hrce.ca
Voltis, Georgina 70% Core French Teacher 902-479-4200 gvoltis@hrce.ca

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Benson, Martine Schools Plus Community Outreach Worker 902-476-0130 mbenson@hrce.ca
Chranofsky, Sarah 80% Educational Program Assistant 902-479-4200 sarah.chranofsky@hrce.ca
Crotty, Dennis Day Custodian 902-479-4200 DCrotty@hrce.ca
Curran, Rozzi Schools Plus Assistant Leader 902-225-2245 rosalind.curran@hrce.ca
Devoe, Angela School Psychologist 902-479-4200
Fraser, Robin 80% Educational Program Assistant 902-479-4200
Goodsell, Larry 80% Educational Program Assistant 902-479-4200 Lgoodsell@hrce.ca
Hudson-Ash, Marsha School Social Worker 902-237-3139 mhudson-ash@hrce.ca
Kroeker, Robin HRCE Speech Language Pathologist 902-479-4200 RKroeker@hrce.ca
Landry, Maurice Night Custodian 902-479-4200
Pelham, Sandy 100% Educational Program Assistant 902-479-4200 sandy.pelham@hrce.ca
Purcell, Crystal 80% Educational Program Assistant 902-479-4200 crystal.purcell@hrce.ca
Searl, Missy (Lillian) Parent Navigator 902-464-2000 ext. 4362
Watters, Johanna 100% Educational Program Assistant 902-479-4200 jwatters@hrce.ca